The curious case of Rahul Gandhi

  • The curious case of Rahul Gandhi

The curious case of Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi's response to questions on his weakest point - being a dynast - by saying dynasts are a way of life in India, may have triggered a wave of criticism but he was being brutally honest given the increasing hereditary turks in Indian politics.

Irani, who contested the 2014 Lok Sabha election against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi, said her party is ready to debate the Congress on every issue. They do not know how fair and inappropriate it is to condemn their country at global level.

The Congress vice-president, however, praised the PM for his "communication skills" and said he liked the ideas of "Make in India" and Swachh Bharat. "A failed dynast today chose to speak about his failed political journeys in USA". Within hours of Gandhi's speech, Irani blasted him at a press conference, calling him a "failed dynast" and failed politician.

Several BJP leaders alleged that Rahul Gandhi tainted the image of the country while speaking in a foreign land about the shortcomings of India.

Responding to a query that there was a perception that the Congress was associated with dynastic politics, Gandhi had said, "Most of the country runs like this. But India doesn't want or need China's coercive model", he added.

While Gandhi admitted that PM Modi is a better communicator than he himself, he underlined that Modi doesn't converse with people he works with.

"We closed the space for terrorism in Kashmir, and gave the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir a vision of their future", said Gandhi, denouncing the Modi government's alliance with the People's Democratic Party, which - he said - re-opened the space for terrorism in the region. Painting an exaggerated alarmist picture based on stray incidents that by no means are a new normal, Rahul said "people are being lynched, Dalits are being killed over suspicions of carrying beef, Muslims are killed over suspicions of eating beef, all this is new in India".

Mr. Gandhi said the ruling BJP operates a social media army to continuously target him and mischaracterise his politics.

In other words, Gandhi didn't espouse as much confidence as the Congress and his supporters would like him to, in order to be successful at what he's set out to do. So that's how India runs.

"Millions of small businesses were simply wiped out as a result of demonetisation. The government's economic policies, demonetisation and hastily applied GST have caused tremendous damage", he said. He is a on a two-week trip to the United States where he will interact with top thinkers and leaders as part of a Congress outreach programme.

During his two-week U.S. tour, Gandhi will meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and thought leaders to develop a better path forward for the Congress party.