United Nations voices concern over 'excessive violence' against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

  • United Nations voices concern over 'excessive violence' against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

United Nations voices concern over 'excessive violence' against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

It went on to express "concern about reports of excessive violence during the security operations".

UN Secretary General said the Rohingya in Myanmar has been facing a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

He asked the people with the real power in the United Nations, the handful of countries on the security council, to intervene in a humanitarian conflict.

Al-Qaeda's statement urged Muslims around the world to support their fellow Muslims in Myanmar with aid, weapons and "military support".

"There is no sign of the flow of people drying up, as smoke from burning villages in Myanmar's North Rakhine State remains clearly visible from the Cox's Bazar district", said Joel Millman of the International Organization for Migration in Geneva.

The Khalsa Aid managing director Amarpreet Singh said, "A local resident provided us the fuel, we cooked the food and by early afternoon we started distribution of packets at the site where they (Rohingya refugees) are camping".

"If no diplomatic solution is found, we have asked the government to use military power in an effort to ensure Rohingya can live in Arakan", Hefazat spokesman Fazlul Karim Kasemi later told AFP.

In Suu Kyi's Silence, Evidence of Growing Absence of Moral Conscience in Politics

Chilling accounts have emerged from Rohingya refugees telling of soldiers firing on civilians and razing entire villages in the north of Rakhine state with the help of Buddhist mobs.

Hasina said that Bangladesh has given shelter to the Rohingyas only on humanitarian grounds, and Myanmar must accept them as its nationals. Myanmar's Parliament elected her to the role of state counselor because she is barred from holding the presidency.

"We will file the affidavit on the 18th of September in the Supreme Court", said the Home Minister.

He said he understood that Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel prize laureate and de-facto head of the government in Myanmar, was in a power-sharing agreement with the military and the "complex situation" in which she found herself.

The council on Wednesday issued a statement condemning "the initial attack on security forces and subsequent violence".

The 1.1-million strong Rohingya have suffered years of discrimination in Myanmar, where they are denied citizenship even though many have longstanding roots in the country.