The cool new stuff you're about to download

  • The cool new stuff you're about to download

The cool new stuff you're about to download

You'll also need to update to Apple's new iOS 11 operating system, which is also available today.

Most latest generations iPhone and iPad devices should be capable of downloading it now. Just open the Settings app, go to General, then About, and then Applications. Always running out of room to take new pictures on your phone? iOS11 introduces a new system that effectively makes the file size of your photo smaller, but retains the quality, enabling you to take more photos.

If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection at home or want to perform a clean install of iOS, you can install iOS 11 via iTunes. Once you have the new iOS 11, it's time to explore. It offers more than incremental annual refresh as it hides some impressive complexity under the surface.

Apple added the new ARKit augmented reality framework to iOS 11, and released a software development kit to developers in the spring.

After months of waiting Apple's iOS 11 update is finally here.

Also, a new Files app provides native file management on Apple devices for the first time, not only from Apple but also third-party providers such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Google.

Now may not be the best time to update devices because smartphone updates have a history of buggy launches. Users can go to Settings, Do Not Disturb and scroll down to Do Not Disturb While Driving.

Should I download iOS 11 software in the first place?

It can also auto-send responses to people that you're driving and you will call them back when you park. Your phone will then need to reboot, which could also take a few minutes.

And lastly, iOS 11 adds an "Emergency SOS" feature that's created to give users a quick stealthy way to summon 9-1-1 and your emergency contacts should the need arise.

Hull saying, "Naturally, we have made our clients aware of this issue, but a lot of businesses who don't have long-standing relationships with an app developer may not be even aware of Apple's changes to the App Store requirements". Now you'll be able to use watchOS 4 and get all of the added benefits. The new default feature dubbed as "intelligent tracking prevention", essentially blocks those pesky ads that follow you all over the internet in Safari, Apple's very own web browser.

Gone is the current multi-windowed Control Center that allows you quick access to features like the camera, flashlight and aeroplane mode.