Here Are the Facts about the Iran Deal

  • Here Are the Facts about the Iran Deal

Here Are the Facts about the Iran Deal

At the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump said Iran was building its missile capability and accused it exporting violence to Yemen, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

And if the Trump administration believes its pullout "will bring pressure on Iran, then you can say they are completely and absolutely mistaken", he said. Yet his administration has not taken any concrete steps to either renegotiate or pull the USA out.

At the United Nations this week, Trump hinted the US might pull out of the "embarrassing" six-nation agreement anyway.

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who hosted the meeting, said all parties to the accord - including Tillerson - agreed it "is working and is delivering for its goal".

MOGHERINI: With the hard times we are living in the world of today with quite a good number of conflicts, crisis and a nuclear threat coming from a different part of the world, the worldwide community can not afford dismantling an agreement that is working and delivering. As such it is delivering.

And referring to the brewing nuclear crisis with North Korea, Mogherini said, "we already have one potential nuclear crisis, we definitely do not need to go into a second one".

"This is a very sweet coincidence that we can celebrate the new year together within a 24-hour period", he said.

There was some sympathy for the United States position from France, whose President Emmanuel Macron said the deal could be expanded to ban missile tests and cut the sunset clause. Now, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said yesterday that the expectations of the agreement have not been met, and later in the day he met with his Iranian counterpart.

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson hasn't spoken to Zarif yet, but that changes today.

"We will promote our defensive and military power as much as we deem necessary", Rouhani said.

Trump said on Wednesday he had made his decision but was not yet ready to reveal it. Washington has also taken aim at what it says is Tehran's failure to meet expectations that it would play a more stabilising role in the Middle East. Major private lenders aren't about to drop their guard with Iran, he said, but having states heavily invested can boost the confidence of executives pondering their plans.

While everyone around the table agreed Iran is in technical compliance with the deal, Tillerson said the U.S. believes Iran is not in compliance with the spirit or expectations of the deal.

Addressing the General Assembly on Wednesday, Rouhani said his country won't be the first to violate the nuclear agreement, "but it will respond decisively to its violation by any party".

Rouhani said "the world will have lost a great opportunity, but such unfortunate behavior will never impede Iran's course of progress and advancement".

News reports that Trump will put the responsibility of saving the deal on the Republican-controlled Congress.

A protester shout slogans outside the United Nations headquarters in NY on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017, in NY.

"Moderation is the inclination as well as the chosen path of the great Iranian people", Rouhani told the UN General Assembly Wednesday.

KELLY: What would be the consequences of the USA exiting the nuclear deal?

Last week, the Trump administration extended sanctions relief for Iran, but left open the possibility that it may not certify Iran's compliance with the deal at the mid-October deadline. Iran, he indicated, will not be interested in entering new negotiations.

Will the U.S. abandon the nuclear deal now? He also said the United States should "help them regain their freedom, recover their country and restore their democracy".

"I look forward to seeing his speech myself", he said when asked about the threat against North Korea.

Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior Iran analyst with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told that Netanyahu "laid out the situation on Iran pretty well for his call to 'fix it or nix it'".