Inside the Rohingya refugee camps, where torrential rain threatens safety

  • Inside the Rohingya refugee camps, where torrential rain threatens safety

Inside the Rohingya refugee camps, where torrential rain threatens safety

"They are fleeing "ethnic cleansing" in their own country where they have been living for centuries", Hasina said, adding that Bangladesh is now sheltering over 800,000 Rohinya in all.

New Delhi: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday said it had taken up the issue of the Rohingya on humanitarian grounds, but refused to comment on the government's assertion that the "illegal immigrants" would be deported.

Some said they believed their attackers were from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), the Rohingya militant group behind the ambushes on police posts.

According to different assessments, from 14,000 to 40,000 Rohingya Muslims are now staying in India to avoid a military crackdown in Myanmar.

Rights group Amnesty International said the Nobel peace laureate was "burying her head in the sand" over documented army abuses and claims of rape, murder and the systematic clearing of scores of villages.

Imam, a civil servant-turned-freedom fighter during the 1971 Liberation War, also says that intelligence reports suggest that Pakistan's ISI is trying to use the Rohingya issue to create a communal flare-up on the border with Myanmar.

"What we are doing is appealing to the many, many populations in remember their own experience and show some compassion regardless of the political complexities for the Rohingya people", Murphy said.

Known to be a prolific speaker who doesn't mince his words, Tharoor, who under the Manmohan Singh's prime ministership was the minister of state for external affairs, did not hold back from criticising the present government on a number of policy stances.

The latest round of violence in Myanmar's strife-torn Rakhine State broke out on August 25 when Rohingya militants attacked dozens of security outposts. A spokesman for the United Nations said the incident would further disrupt already extremely patchy aid delivery. But Rohingya petitioners who have asked the Supreme Court to block the centre from deporting them said today that many of them have "no link to any criminal activity, leave alone terrorist activity". Whatever the Government of India does, it will be in the nation's interest.

Marche said he learnt about the Quran and studied Arabic at an Islamic school but was not taught about radicalism or terrorism.

The handbook of Department of Rehabilitation, Government of Tamil Nadu, describes how Srilankan Tamils refugees were screened and intelligence departments conducted enquiries at the Quarantine camp with newly arriving refugees.

The Centre's affidavit, filed in the Supreme Court Registry, said the fundamental right to reside and settle in any part of the country is available to citizens only and illegal refugees can not invoke the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to enforce the right.