Meet Frida the Labrador retriever who's saving lives following Mexico quake

The earlier quake registered a magnitude of 5.8.

The prospect that no more students would be found could raise a number of eyebrows, as the story of "Friday Sofia", a 12-year-old girl reportedly trapped in the debris, was reported all over global media. They must sift through fragile piles of rubble that can pose a danger of collapsing anew.

Her Navy Seal colleagues told Reuters that she has saved 12 people's lives during her career before the latest quake. But he said she was back in good spirits Thursday after drinking water with electrolytes and getting some rest.

Jittery Mexico residents were rattled by a powerful 6.1 aftershock Saturday morning, just days after a powerful 7.3 temblor shook central Mexico.

After a magnitude 7.1 quake shook Mexico and left over 300 dead earlier this week, another natural disaster struck on Saturday and caused buildings to sway in Mexico City.

"I always believed I was going to get out alive", he said.

At least 298 people were killed and entire communities were left in ruin with rescue operations still under way to save dozens feared trapped under rubble.

But even this medium-sized eruption may have had far further reaching consequences than first estimated, Dr De Siena said.

Almost 50 buildings collapsed in Mexico City, including an elementary school that pancaked during Tuesday's 7.1-magnitude tremor, killing 19 schoolchildren and at least six adults.

Its epicenter was located seven kilometers west of Union Hidalgo near the town of Matias Romero in Oaxaca, according to the National Autonomous University of Mexico City's National Seismology Service.

Students of the Mexico City school that collapsed after a powerful quake hit Tuesday afternoon were seen being pulled out of the rubble in dramatic video posted to social media. "Until we are absolutely certain that there are no more people missing, we will continue our search and rescue mission", he said.

Puente said that in addition to the 155 killed in Mexico City, 73 died in Morelos, 45 were killed in Puebla, 13 people died in Mexico State, 6 died in Guerrero and one death was reported in Oaxaca.