Trump fires back at McCain over health care bill

  • Trump fires back at McCain over health care bill

Trump fires back at McCain over health care bill

McCain joins Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in firmly opposing the plan.

As has been the case with previous Republican healthcare bills, the national conversation surrounding Sen.

Graham issued a statement saying he would "press on" with the effort. Graham, it should be said, is a close friend of McCain's and frequent policy partner. "The premiums would be so high they would be unaffordable".

After that time, the legislation is similar to the "repeal and delay" proposal that the Senate considered in July, which CBO estimated would reduce the number of people with insurance coverage by 32 million people in the long run. Graham-Cassidy Bill is GREAT! The Senate Finance Committee hearing is being held even though the measure's prospects are dim.

Several of McCain's Republican colleagues had also expressed reservations over the legislation, and Senator Rand Paul had already said he wouldn't back it since it did not fully repeal the ACA. That means there will nearly certainly be enough GOP opposition to sink it.

Independent analysts say Pennsylvania would be one of the hardest-hit states under Senate legislation that would take federal health care subsidies provided under President Barack Obama's 2010 law and redistribute it among states.

But some, including President Donald Trump, have speculated that Paul or Collins could still change their minds before the bill comes to a vote. Attacked by Donald Trump on Twitter, he responded dryly: "You can not buy me or intimidate me ".

Here's what Trump's tweeted about Paul: "I think he may find a way to get there for the good of the Party!" On CBS' Face the Nation Sunday, McCain praised the rival effort by GOP Sen. Assuming Senate Republicans can't get the votes, there is likely to be considerable backlash in the most activist elements of the Republican base - a worrying development heading into the 2018 midterm election.

Apple Health, as Medicaid is called in Washington, has paid for her care, including a neurosurgeon at Seattle Children's hospital and a radiologist at Harborview, Williams said.

It's unclear where Murkowski stands on the bill.

That McCain is well enough to play this central figure in the Republican health care efforts is a surprise to many given the gravity of his diagnosis.

Trump tweets: "John McCain never had any intention of voting for this Bill, which his Governor loves". He campaigned on repeal and replace.

Named after its lead sponsors, Republican Sens. "Let Arizona down!" Trump wrote about McCain on Twitter early Saturday morning. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) is a blow GOP hopes to repeal the Affordable Care Act before a September 30 deadline. The Sanders proposal, which fails to specify how it would be financed, has no chance of being adopted for any foreseeable time, and some of its co-sponsors actually favor more modest expansions. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, one of the staunchest pro-free market voices in our nation's capital, says he can not support Graham-Cassidy.

President Trump, speaking at a rally Friday night in Alabama, called McCain's opposition "sad" and "a terrible, disgusting thing" for the Republican Party.