Microsoft gets ready for quantum computing with its new programming language

  • Microsoft gets ready for quantum computing with its new programming language

Microsoft gets ready for quantum computing with its new programming language

The company has chosen to follow the path of topological quantum computing-apparently, one of several options being researched around the world-and discussed an array of extremely complex math, physics, and computer science challenges coming together via a 12-year effort.

Nadella's ambition is to bring together, "HoloLens and Oasis [Microsoft's development codename for WMR] headsets, all being used as part of Microsoft 365 to bring Teams and MR together to change the frontier of collaboration". "That's the power of quantum". Where standard bits can store a 1 or a 0, qubits can store more complex information. A qubit is the basic unit of information in quantum computing, the counterpart to the bit in classical computing. Theory suggests some problems that would take millions of years on a conventional supercomputer might take minutes on a modest quantum computer.

Plus, Nadella announced a new programming language for quantum computing, which is focused on developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory, which explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter on the quantum (atomic and subatomic) level.

It's an ambitious move by the company, seeking to demonstrate leadership in a form of computing that is still likely many years away from practical reality.

Bill Gates may be the brain behind Microsoft, but even he doesn't quite understand one technology the company's betting on: quantum computing.

"This is the first of many LinkedIn integrations you will see in Microsoft 365 in the upcoming months", Li-Chen Miller, a partner program manager in Microsoft's artificial intelligence and research group, said during a demo of the technology on Monday. If you are thinking about moving to this servicing model, it's best to reach out to a sales rep as they will be able to provide specific pricing on your needs.

In a surprising passage about the "perverse logic" of US immigration law, Nadella reveals how during his early years at Microsoft, he gave up the security of a green card - which grants permanent American residency - for a temporary work visa because it was the only way his wife, Anu, could join him in the United States. It depends on manipulating subatomic particles known as Majorana fermions that physicists are still learning to reliably detect and control. In mid-2013, Mattrick left Microsoft to accept a role as CEO of social games company Zynga.

The company also announced the rollout of Microsoft 365 Education for schools, which will include all of the same features as F1, plus Minecraft: Education Edition. The project's leaders predict they can quickly overtake competitors such as Google once they have a working qubit in hand.

Instead of focusing on making its own phones, Microsoft, under Nadella, has concentrated on making apps and services available for Apple's iPhone and iPad and for Android devices. Nadella said that all three trends will cut across all Microsoft solution areas.

The programming language, integrated with Visual Studio and created to work on both a quantum simulator and a quantum computer, is described by Microsoft as offering a full stack solution to the theoretical process. Importantly, the new language is integrated into Visual Studio so as to minimize the headaches involved in transitioning from old to new code. That makes them more resilient, he said. "The same could happen in quantum computing; whoever has the first home run might dominate the ecosystem".

"Microsoft, because of its size, has had a history of rather complicated and obscure ways to do purchasing", he said.