NHRC issues notice to UP government and vice-chancellor over violence in BHU

  • NHRC issues notice to UP government and vice-chancellor over violence in BHU

NHRC issues notice to UP government and vice-chancellor over violence in BHU

Police lathicharged to control the situation.More than 18 agitators were injured in lathicharge during brawl. "All these rules are for their safety, all in favour of the girl students", he said to the leading daily.

Amid all the mudslinging, the big question is - If the BHU administration had failed then why the state government did not initiate action to avert the situation taking an ugly turn?

The university administration has undoubtedly handled the issue in a slipshod manner and the police violence against students has only muddied the waters further. After all, it is the age and positional factor of students at these elite universities that are crucial to shaping the public debate for any political party.

University officials have blamed "outside elements" for the protest. Reports say three men abused her and fled when she resisted their attempts. This incident happened in the PM's constituency. The warden's response angered the student's colleagues, who sat on a "dharna" at the main gate midnight Thursday. One female student said, "Boys were lathicharged but even girls were not spared". The DM has ordered for closing of all the universities, including the higher educational institutions, in the city on Monday.

"Since 1996, BHU students elections have not taken place".

Meanwhile, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati said that due to wrong policies and indifference of the state's BJP government, the BHU is bearing the brunt of police excesses, violence and arson.

The vice chancellor also said that the use of force by the police on Saturday night was against criminals and not girl students. The video shows a policeman pushing a girl student, who falls on the ground and is getting beaten up with lathis by other policemen.

Women took to protesting for their safety in Banaras Hindu University and were met with strict police action. There were reports of local administration changing the route for Modi's cavalcade to avoid the embarrassment in view of the protests launched by the BHU students.

"If we are going to listen to every demand of every girl, we won't be able to run the university", says Mr Tripathi. "We can not assign a guard to every student".

Indeed, a patriarchal attitude appears deeply entrenched in BHU.

Outrage grew after video footage of the beating at the leading Banaras Hindu University (BHU) went viral. "He had also starkly said he knew how and what BA students study and they did not need libraries", the undergraduate student said. Their plea in the Supreme Court mentioned women's hostel not being given facilities like non-vegetarian food, access to internet as well as early curfew timings when such restrictions don't apply to men's hostels.

As the news of the protest spread via social media, the students received nation-wide support and encouragement.