The Miz and Miztourage Destroy Roman Reigns and Call out the Shield

The latest Raw exclusive PPV is now in the history books and it certainly didn't fall short of expectations with the majority of matches delivering great quality, showcasing the fantastic roster that the WWE proudly boasts. Cena still couldn't get the three-count, despite what looked like the ref hitting the mat a third time. However, all it took was one F5 to put the Monster Amongst Men away.

The common consensus here is that Lesnar will be going over Strowman in this one, probably pretty decisively. The Miztourage surrounds Jordan when he goes outside the ring following Miz for a second, but is simply there to distract him, as Miz clocks Jordan once he gets back in the ring. Reigns not only suffered one round of chair shots and a Skull Crush Finale but two.

From the post-match comments on RawTalk it doesn't seem Reigns has ended Cena's career outright, but with this win he has undoubtedly and unequivocally assumed the position at the top of the company. Reigns kicked out after each AA. But in a spurt of action, each man almost pinned the other, with Cena successfully landing a AA and then Reigns a Superman punch. He's won the Royal Rumble, main evented the past two WrestleMania pay-per-views and holds impressive wins over Cena and The Undertaker (one of only two people to defeat the Deadman on WWE's biggest stage). Cena stayed in the ring for a while, as the crowd chanted for him. Plus, the New Day and The Usos had a great series of bouts on SD so it's good to see an emphasis on tag teams again. Earlier in the night, Enzo had requested that "Raw" General Manager Kurt Angle allow him to have a celebration. That being said, what he did was notable.

Q: I've read interviews of yours where you talk about how hard your first few years in WWE were.

Between injuries and planned departures over the past few years, a routine has started where Cena returns for three months and then goes away for three months. Cena put Reigns over as much as he could, even on Raw Talk after the show. Well, obviously because Reigns is different from everyone else. A few weeks later, Wyatt made a surprise appearance in a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. As well, there's not much clear indication who's the faces or who's the heels - which doesn't enhance things, either. While the title is gone, he'll get involved in other smaller feuds, possibly involving a Shield reunion as Miz teased on Sunday's show.

With that said, let's find out what got the job done and what left us scratching our heads.

Something interesting happened after No Mercy went off the air on Sunday. Since Asuka's undefeated streak on NXT surpassed that of Goldberg's, this is bad news for the women of RAW, considering they'll be looking to keep it going.

The Shield has never reunited fully for a tag team match since then, although Ambrose and Rollins have recently mended fences, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships. In July at WWE Payback, Cesaro and Sheamus teamed up to take on the Hardy Boyz.

Sheamus suffered Rollins' Ripcord Knee, followed by Ambrose's Dirty Deeds; leading to Sheamus being pinned. Emma remains irrelevant. Alexa Bliss has done well establishing herself as a believable villain, but without well-booked babyfaces to challenge her, it becomes a moot point.

Match with a lot of big spots, the biggest being Nia Jax being powerbombed on to the apron with assists from all the other four participants.