WWE 2K18 Gameplay Featuring Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar

  • WWE 2K18 Gameplay Featuring Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE 2K18 Gameplay Featuring Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar

He had been booked like the proverbial monster since WrestleMania, and was white hot going into his match with Lesnar at No Mercy.

In between the two matches, they went live to the USA Network for about 30 seconds. All of these matches will undoubtedly bring different things to the table, but we should all expect them one major similarity from each of them: no mercy.

Then all of a sudden, Lesnar hits a F-5 outta nowhere on "The Monster Among Men".

While they are outside the ring, Elias Samson kicks Titus O'Neil in the shin. Miz said that no one would remember The Shield if The Miztourage were around then. Miz and the Miztourage start to leave and then Raw General Manager Kurt Angle comes out and makes the match official.

On paper, this matchup seemed like it should been something much better than what it has been.

-Finn Balor beat Bray Wyatt, though Wyatt did look good in the match.

Balor overcomes some hurt ribs to defeat the veteran Goldust with the Coup de Grace, which luckily he only needs his feet for. If so, the finale was well performed, even if the end to the feud felt abrupt and Wyatt once again jobbed to an elite foe. WWE later announced that The Miz would be facing Reigns next week on Raw with his Intercontinental Championship on the line. This incident busted Cesaro's mouth open, breaking a portion of his front teeth.

While the main focus of No Mercy is on Reigns/Cena and Strowman/Lesnar, let's not forget the other matches on the card. The move could only get two, however. One or two other matches may be added tomorrow.

Alexa Bliss retained her WWE "Raw" Women's Championship via pinfall over Bayley in a Fatal 5-Way match. Crews fights out and nails his trademark standing moonsault for a two count of his own. Her double Samoan drop of Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks - with a squat for good measure - may have been the coolest thing she has done in the ring.

People leaving voiced disappointment that 1) there was no Shield reunion and 2) they expected a Brock Lesnar segment, especially after they took a few minutes going over highlights of the Strowman - Lesnar match on the big screen.

Picking the Miztourgae as the vehicle that gets the gang back to together is questionable, but hey, WWE needs ratings, maannnnnnnn. This time he hits a spear on Miz and the straps come down. Does anyone in the office really think that Roman kicking out of four finishers will change the fan reaction to him? Angle agreed to The Miz's suggestion, calling it a great idea and promising that it would lead the show.

Enzo defeated Neville to win the Cruiserweight title, which shows how much WWE brass values the status of the belt. The question remains on how the crowd will react to that, but after Sunday night, I will be surprised if that's not the main event at the Superdome. He went on to sell everything Neville had in a largely one-sided match.

The Newcastle-born competitor suffered a low blow behind the referee's back that ultimately cost him the title.

Q: When will WWE wise up and put you back in the main event? But Strowman ultimately succumbed to a single F5 in an abrupt finish that was nothing short of anticlimactic as Lesnar used a late reversal to hit his finisher and get the pin.

It was only a few days ago where Braun Strowman was the imminent ruler of WWE. Strowman has been 2017's most pleasant surprise, making good on early promise in his post-Brand Extension push with nearly weekly improvements to his game on the microphone and between the ropes.