Amazon's new Echo speakers come in all shapes and sizes

  • Amazon's new Echo speakers come in all shapes and sizes

Amazon's new Echo speakers come in all shapes and sizes

At an event in its home base of Seattle, the company took the wraps off several new devices, as well as announcing United Kingdom availability for its touchscreen-enabled Echo Show device.

Since launching the original Amazon Echo in 2014, Amazon has slowly set up a product line powered by digital assistant Alexa. The device is about half as tall as the original version and Amazon is selling several shells for it in different colors and styles. That cloth cover can be replaced a la Google Home, with six options to choose from including natural wood veneer. The second-generation device comes with new far-field technology to better understand words like the "Alexa" wake word along with improved sound quality.

Finally, Amazon also introduced Echo Buttons - which is a more gaming oriented product.

Amazon Echo second generation (2017) costs $99. Amazon will also knock $50 off the total if you buy three. You can pre-order the new crop of devices here. Plus, you can control the new Fire TV through your voice using an Echo device.

The new Echo can be purchased in pre-sale from September 27 and will hit the market on October 31. But it's capable of making video calls, playing back your streaming music (the usual suspects: Prime Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn), and serving as an unobtrusive smart gadget that you can network throughout your house. Amazon Fire TV 4K As the name indicates, the device comes as an upgrade over the Fire TV and now supports 4K HDR videos with 2160p resolution at 60fps. It is available in black or white finish and has a 1.4-inch speaker built-in.

But this announcement sees the full Alexa experience becoming available to all BMW Group models and allows you to control the entertainment system, receive personal updates on the weather and traffic, and use Amazon's shopping service.

In fact, the Fire TV can be connected to your existing grid of smart home devices, and all of those can be controlled via voice commands. The speaker, which will go on sale Wednesday, is created to compete with Apple's HomePod.

The Echo Spot "seems to be a crossover between the Echo Dot and Echo Show", The Verge says.

Amazon Echo also showed Spot - smart alarm clock with round 2.5-inch screen and with function of video.