Canada blasts Boeing, warns USA jobs at stake in Bombardier trade row

  • Canada blasts Boeing, warns USA jobs at stake in Bombardier trade row

Canada blasts Boeing, warns USA jobs at stake in Bombardier trade row

Reportedly, Prime Minister May had personally lobbied US President Trump to support Bombardier in its dispute with Boeing.

Sir Michael was on a scheduled visit to another major employer in Belfast - Harland and Wolff shipyards, which is on a site adjacent to Bombardier in the city's docklands.

In response, an interim tariff of more than 219 percent was slapped on imports to the US.

May asked President Donald Trump for help in finding a solution to the trade dispute between Boeing and Bombardier, but on Tuesday the U.S. Department of Commerce imposed an anti-subsidy duty of nearly 220% on the Bombardier jets.

Bombardier, which described the USA ruling as "absurd", argues that Boeing suffered no harm as it didn't compete for the Delta Airlines contract and "years ago abandoned the market the C Series serves".

"The U.S. values its relationships with Canada, but even our closest allies must play by the rules", said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a statement.

"Other airlines such as JetBlue will keep their distance from the C Series and will likely have one supplier of comparable aircraft: Brazil's Embraer".

In a preliminary decision, the department ruled that Bombardier had benefited from improper government subsidies and proposed a 220 per cent duty on Bombardier's CSeries jets.

Boeing alleged that Delta is receiving those planes at far below Bombardier's cost, and that subsidies from the Canadian and Quebec governments enabled Bombardier to win the key order from a USA airline.

Ottawa - along with Britain, which is seeking to safeguard 4,200 Bombardier jobs in Northern Ireland - has threatened to boycott Boeing, which is hoping to sell 18 Super Hornet fighter jets to Canada and 50 Apache helicopters to Britain.

Bombardier has seen its stock price drop since Tuesday's announcement by Commerce, and the move has also angered the United Kingdom because the aircraft-maker is one of Northern Ireland's largest employers.

The Northern Ireland factory makes parts for Bombardier's new CSeries jetliner.

"I would say that that long-term partnership is being undermined by this behaviour by Boeing".

Bombardier expected to double down on its efforts to snag a CSeries order from China after the USA announced hefty duties that threaten to shut it out of the large American market.

The Guardian reported earlier this month that British Prime Minister Theresa May raised the issue privately with Trump following political pressure in the U.K. And Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested earlier this month that his government might retaliate directly against Boeing through decisions on military purchasing agreements.

But the ruling gives Boeing momentum as the dispute drags on, and more leverage in any future talks between the Trudeau government and the Chicago-based company to reach a negotiated settlement.

And she said Boeing's relationship with the Government was being "undermined".

"We don't want to do that".

"What needs to happen now by the trade commission is that they look to see whether there has been any detriment to Boeing", he added.