Trump lifts Puerto Rico shipping restrictions

  • Trump lifts Puerto Rico shipping restrictions

Trump lifts Puerto Rico shipping restrictions

Barack Obama announced via Twitter Tuesday that the campaign is expanding to include Puerto Rico and the USVI. The nursing home wasn't able to call us back.

Ricardo Rosselló petitioned the White House to waive the law, known as the Jones Act, to aid in shipping resources to Puerto Rico while it recovers from devastating hurricanes. ConPRmetidos and Unidos por Puerto Rico are two options, but you can also look at local charities or drives in your area. "That does not get rebuilt in days", the governor said.

The company also plans to use donated Facebook ad space to share critical information with Puerto Rican users, although the ads will be of little use until power and connectivity is restored.

"If people don't get drinking water, if people don't get the food that they need, they're done", Mendez said.

Reports of isolated USA citizens struggling in the heat without electricity and running low on food and water have now spurred the Pentagon to throw resources into the relief effort even though they haven't been specifically requested by territorial officials.

Joseph Dunford told a Senate hearing Tuesday that relief efforts have been hampered by damage caused to ports and airfields.

"At the beginning, it was calm". But now, everything is getting worse.

She says because people have no way to communicate truckers can't be mobilized.

"If it was someone here, or a state here, it would be so much quicker and all that", said Krystia Negron, a UMBC junior. "But FEMA being in Puerto Rico is the not the same thing as people's needs being met".

The Federal Highway Administration said Thursday that it would immediately make the emergency relief funds available to the USA territory to help restore service on roads and bridges badly damaged by the storm. They think it's a joke.

"Think of it as a legally sanctioned shakedown for USA shipping interests", wrote the Wall Street Journal in an editorial Wednesday.

In other parts of the Midlands, retired Army engineers like Jerry Montalvo is trying to raise money to send himself and three others to Puerto Rico to volunteer clearing debris from the roads.