What is the Jones Act?

  • What is the Jones Act?

What is the Jones Act?

White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert, who saw Rubio briefly during his Monday visit, was asked about Rubio's concerns during a White House press briefing on Thursday.

Yet despite the unfolding humanitarian crisis, the Trump administration has so far refused to waive the law's restrictions.

"If the Jones Act is relaxed, foreign vessels can move between the USA mainland to Puerto Rico to provide aid".

Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson issued separate calls Thursday for President Donald Trump to heighten the US military role in delivering Hurricane Maria relief to Puerto Rico as Florida Gov. The island territory is now exempt from cabotage regulations for a period of ten days, allowing it to receive foreign-flagged ships with cargo from US ports.

Merchants argue that the law protects their business against foreign competition, but opponents of the almost century-old legislation say it makes goods in states like Alaska and Hawaii, as well as USA territory Puerto Rico, more expensive. The boats must also be owned by USA citizens. Another 65 are damaged. He also said that offers of assistance have been received from several states.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke said she signed the waiver of a federal law called the Jones Act to clear the way for foreign-flagged ships to deliver supplies between usa ports.

Government officials in Puerto Rico requested Wednesday that the law be waived temporarily to make it easier to ship emergency supplies to the island, and the Trump administration granted a 10-day waiver on Thursday.

Of course, even before the hurricane, the Jones Act was an economic albatross around the island's neck.

McCain has long pushed to repeal the Jones Act, saying it has outlived its goal to benefit special interests - USA shipping companies and labor unions that say the law supports U.S.jobs.

Rubio, who clearly has the ear of the president, argued that the government in Puerto Rico does not have the capacity - in money, staff or even communications resources - to lead such a massive effort.

Shortly after, White House Homeland Security adviser Thom Bossert thanked Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello for his petitioning of the White House for a temporary waiver, and credited the work of Acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke and FEMA Director Brock Long for their "seamless fuel delivery" to the island.

She and adviser Tom Bossert blamed the media for the impression that the administration responded too slowly to the September 20 storm, which knocked out almost all power.

The Department of State's website says that in addition to the note, which must be signed before departing the ravished islands, evacuees much surrender their passports. The administration waived restrictions Thursday on foreign ships delivering supplies to the island.

Del Valle said many on the island are frustrated and feeling desperate as they wait for help to arrive. Puerto Rico's wrecked infrastructure and a shortage of truck drivers as well as diesel fuel are preventing the goods from reaching citizens in need. It covers all products being shipped to Puerto Rico.

"It's very tough, because it's an island", Trump said on Tuesday.

There is bipartisan support in Congress for the waiver to expedite aid to Puerto Rico. "We got it. Oh, shit, send in the cavalry", said Honore told Bloomberg.

"It's a love letter to Puerto Rico", he said.

There seems to be a growing media meme that while, okay, we'll give you that Trump did well enough with Houston and Florida, his racist instincts have kicked in and he's ignoring Puerto Rico.