Google may be working on its own version of Amazon's Echo Show

  • Google may be working on its own version of Amazon's Echo Show

Google may be working on its own version of Amazon's Echo Show

Amazon is positioning this as a compact device that you might want to have on a bedside table as opposed to the Show's countertop-sized form-factor. It's also a good way to get Google Assistant a bigger audience, especially in users' homes. Google earlier this week started blocking YouTube from working on the Echo Show, saying that Amazon's implementation ran afoul of its terms of service.

Echo Spot will be available in the United Kingdom and Germany early next year.

Among other things, Amazon has improved the sound quality in its second-generation Echo speaker to compete with several new competitors in the high-end audio segment. TechCrunch claims that one service Google engineers are particularly keen on is Netflix, though simply having YouTube would be a step up from what the Echo Show has to offer.

It would have a 7-inch screen and besides integrating the Google Assistant, as it could not be otherwise, it would also take integrated YouTube, Google Photos, and video calling capabilities. Those alliances with automakers still might not be enough keep Amazon and Alexa competitive with Google and Apple outside the home, given the software made by those two power most of the smartphones in the world.

It seems like the Amazon is trying to fit Alexa into every possible place they can. One of the sources received this information from an employee of the Google directly. A new feature, Echo Connect, can connect to your home phone line to turn a smart speaker into a hands-free speakerphone.

Google may be working on its own version of Amazon's Echo Show

Now Google Assistant is a bit different from Alexa, and that's because it can actually answer all of your questions.

Better sound. Better communication with Alexa. The Bluetooth connection on Google Home is also pretty decent. So it is catching up to Alexa, and pretty quickly. They basically work with Alexa skills - more specifically, games - and can really help bring back game night in your household.

The Amazon Echo Plus looks like the original Echo (a tall cylindrical unit) but will double as a hub for the smart home.

As for Duo, it's cursed by numerous same bad decisions as Allo has been, primarily it's single device only. However there are plenty more coming this fall. Companies like #Apple and Google have forayed into this sector and are doing quite well. It will support 4K content and high-dynamic range video (otherwise known as HDR, it allows movies and TV shows to look more as they were meant to and creates deeper blacks and brighter bright colors) and Dolby Atmos audio support.