Berks-area high school football fans weigh in on national anthem debate

  • Berks-area high school football fans weigh in on national anthem debate

Berks-area high school football fans weigh in on national anthem debate

Playing in London, Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars players wouldn't stand for the USA national anthem but did for "God Save the Queen" in the very country we fought to win our independence.

Every athlete who has followed in Kaepernick's kneeprints has done so to address racial issues - if not specifically the continued ability of the police to get away with murdering innocents, then at least the general principles that have led to it.

"It is fair to say that, and it's something I think we have said, which is it's ultimately up to the players to figure out what's the best way to express this", Lockhart said in answer to a question from Postmedia.

In one of the more striking examples, nearly the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team remained in their locker room for the national anthem before their game at the Chicago Bears. The fans' response? Sales of Villanueva jerseys skyrocketed. When players disrespect the flag, they disrespect that sacrifice. Attend a rally. Speak out on Twitter.

However, "I want everyone to know that I've asked the players ... not (told)". But don't show contempt for the flag.

Donald Trump took fire from both leftists and intellectual conservatives for his attack on the National Football League protests, but he got it one hundred percent right. Sure. Were they politically calculated? Among African-Americans, 81 percent cited protests for Kaepernick remaining a free agent with only seven percent saying it was because he was not good enough. Others point out people also have the right to disagree.

What does this have to do you with playing football? In one particular game, Cleveland Browns players knelt in a circle while teammates stood above with a hand on another's shoulder.

Some have argued that protesting during the national anthem demonstrates a lack of respect for the American flag and those that fought for our freedoms.

While players, coaches and other staffers locked arms on the sidelines during the national anthem Thursday night, fans at the 195th match-up between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears largely rejected the teams' and players' invitation to join in the display of "love and unity".

The NFL is also selective when it comes to the kind of speech it protects.

In my a year ago as mayor of Philadelphia, the wisdom of using city money to help build stadiums for the Eagles and Phillies was widely debated. They feel that you have been blessed to be an American, potentially making millions of dollars through sports, but by protesting the national anthem, you seem anti-American. Throughout Europe and most of the rest of the world, national anthems are only played before games involving the national teams of countries. Among Republicans, 45% say they plan to boycott as do 25% of independents and 10% of Democrats.

Reid and Kaepernick developed a famous bond last season as they knelt together through the anthems, starting in the exhibition finale in San Diego. For what it's worth, TV ratings for the NFL were up in Week 3, though it remains to be seen whether leagues face any long-term business effects as a result of no longer just sticking to sports.

That spurred more than 200 players to protest during Sunday's games by kneeling or sitting during the anthem to draw attention to the treatment of people of color in America.