Apple Launches iPhone Dongle With Charging Port & Headphone Jack

  • Apple Launches iPhone Dongle With Charging Port & Headphone Jack

Apple Launches iPhone Dongle With Charging Port & Headphone Jack

One is that the glue being used to hold the phone together is weak or improperly applied.

Apple iPhone 8 series bring minor changes to iPhone 7, 7 Plus.

Wireless charging and the new A11 chip are really the only new things about the iPhone 8 compared to the iPhone 7. The first-generation Rockstar adapter is now available on online stores such as Amazon India for Rs.3,850.

Apps have also bit the dust in this latest software version, as numerous core applications found on an iPhone are now experiencing functionality problems. The owner shared pictures of the "burst" iPhone 8 Plus and appears to be on the lines of the case of the iPhone 8 Plus case in Taiwan.

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus recently went on sale in India amid mixed response among buyers. Previously, Apple removed the headphone port and replaced it with an only lightening port.

None of the public images of the iPhone 8 Plus models in question show burn marks or any signs of an explosion.

The regular USB Lightning cable and charger are not going to charge your iPhone 8 any faster or slower than the traditional chargers that the tech giant has been shipping for years.

But on Tuesday, Apple released a software update (iOS 11.0.2) that claims to remedy the problem.

Apple and a few other groups hyped up the camera on the iPhone 8, but there's nearly no noticeable improvements over the camera of the iPhone 7.

Meanwhile, analysts are saying that people will surely buy the iPhone X because it's the first model that represents an abrupt change from what started with iPhone 6.

"It's intermittent - on some calls you can perfectly notice it on others no problem", reads an Apple user's comment on an official discussion board. You will only be able to use the 3.5mm headphone jack for audio output.

Alongside your iPhone, you can use the adapter with any of the iPad or iPod touch models that are running iOS 10 or later.