No Brexit Deal Would Be 'Damaging' For The UK — Liam Fox

  • No Brexit Deal Would Be 'Damaging' For The UK — Liam Fox

No Brexit Deal Would Be 'Damaging' For The UK — Liam Fox

Liam Fox, the U.K.'s worldwide trade secretary, denied that he ever implied that the current agreements would be closely replicated to ensure the British economy isn't affected by Brexit.

Meanwhile, German MEP Manfred Waber called on Mrs May to "sack" Boris Johnson.

"It is hard to make sufficient progress. I think that we have to make it public very soon, and we have to make it very clear to the negotiators on the European Union side, that if we see no progress towards that free trade deal, then we will take it that they are not interested in a deal and we will simply proceed with them - as we do with the rest of the world - on WTO terms".

He welcomed the British government's recognition that it had financial obligation, but noted, "The devil will be - as always - in the detail".

The Brexit Minister also disclosed that Britain was nearing agreement with the European Union on citizens rights - one of three issues to be settled in the first round of negotiations.

The fifth round of Brexit talks is due to start in Brussels on Monday.

"Who do I call London: Theresa May?".

"He acts on their behalf on the basis of a clear negotiating mandate". "We will not agree to pay at 27 what was decided at 28".

"The taxpayers of the EU27 should not pay for the British decision", he told MEPs. "So, no more, no less".

Mr Davis aimed a jibe at Mr Johnson as he listed a series of British achievements, adding: "We train the best diplomats and put them to the test by sending them to work for the Foreign Secretary".

So was this speech the highly significant watershed in the negotiations that was predicted?

So why rush to negotiate everything about Brexit that matters by the autumn of next year - which is the deadline if any deal is to be ratified by the formal Brexit day in March 2019?

In her speech on Wednesday, May said her government would spend an extra 2 billion pounds ($2.65 billion) to build cheaper houses for social housing.

They regret, as Mr Barnier, that "discrimination" have already taken place " in the Uk and in certain other member States", stressing that " these had repercussions on their daily life, by limiting the effective exercise of their rights ".

On the financial settlement, he said: "As the Prime Minister has promised, we will honour our commitment because ours is a country which plays by the rules and obeys the law".

Whilst the EU's somewhat rigid approach to the first phase of negotiations is no doubt a source of considerable frustration to the United Kingdom negotiators, "sufficient progress" is a phrase which allows for "constructive ambiguity"; in particular, it does not require the talks to have resolved all the first phase issues fully and the final decision on whether it has been achieved will be a political one, taken by the 27 other EU Member States.

"The question isn't so much around this formal declaration of "sufficient progress".

Johnson also urged people to stop complaining about last year's referendum result in which the majority of British people voted to leave the EU.

"We have to get to that at some point. Let's crack on and get out as soon as possible".

"What I hear is that people are starting to think about that".