Ky. City Celebrates 1st Indigenous Peoples' Day

  • Ky. City Celebrates 1st Indigenous Peoples' Day

Ky. City Celebrates 1st Indigenous Peoples' Day

The Columbus Day parade is an annual march down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan that celebrates the explorer and the contributions Italian-Americans have made to America.

Burnurwurbskek Singers of the Penobscot Indian Nation perform at the Jordan Pond House during a celebration of the 100 years of conservation and community stewardship as part of the year-long Acadia Centennial and the Centennial of the National Park Service Saturday.

As an Italian-American and as a NY state legislator, I will staunchly speak out against those who aim to remove a statue of the man who represents our heritage.

On Monday, three films will be shown in the Bovee University Center Rotunda with the intention of sparking discussion about Indigenous Peoples Day.

"I have nothing against honoring Native Americans, of course", he said.

Much of the country recognizes today as Columbus Day.

"The combination of rape, genocide, trans-Atlantic slave route and also the first importation of African American people to this land are all serious, serious, crimes that we shouldn't be upholding, uplifting, supporting and honoring in public spaces", said Antonio Rafael Cosme, a leader of The Raiz Up Collective. The parades and festivities that take place on Columbus Day are often a broader recognition of Italian-American culture.

The controversy over Monday's Columbus Day Parade in New York City is building, as is the debate over which historical figures should be honored in the United States. As most people in this country either immigrated or had ancestors who immigrated to this country, the discovery of the New World was important to us. Others said the cities and states were rewriting history. He later went to what is now Central and South America.

This is the day set aside to mark the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. In Portland, Oregon, school board officials chose to supplement Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day.

And he wasn't the first European in the New World, either.

"After Columbus, came millions of European immigrants who brought their art, music, science, medicine, philosophy and religious principles to America", according to the organization.

Removing them would be a tragic forgetting of our nation's history, and a perverse fulfillment of a prejudicial and hateful agenda - the same agenda our families fought so hard to overcome.

This prejudice wasn't out of the ordinary: One of the largest reported group lynchings in American history was of 19 Italians in 1891.

She said the decision by Charlottesville's City Council to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day is not just about being "politically correct".