Wilton Speight out with 3 broken vertebrae

  • Wilton Speight out with 3 broken vertebrae

Wilton Speight out with 3 broken vertebrae

Two years later, Michigan thought its Michigan State troubles were over. It's five games into the season, and they aren't off-setting their weaknesses. Iowa State rallied from a 24-10 deficit in the second quarter to get the win.

The Big Ten East could be tied when the final week is in the books and the conference championship game is on the horizon.

Safety Andrew Dowell, who had two interceptions, said it was a dream-big moment, the kind Dantonio tells his players to believe in. Lots of blame to go around here on that matter, but let's be honest - this was not the first time this season Michigan's play-calling has had to be questioned.

Michigan State faced a similar third-and-3 a at 1:58, and Brian Lewerke fumbled a snap, composed himself and cut through a kick-out block from Tyler Higby and rolled over bodies to pick up the game-clinching first down. The Spartans have won seven of the last nine games in a series MI has historically handled, going 69-35-5. Michigan State has a defense that can keep this game close, but the Michigan passing attack looked to do better under O'Korn in the win over Purdue.

Then, they had to endure a somewhat embarrassing 14-10 loss by Michigan Football to its arch rival. A home game with MI followed by a tough road test at Ohio State certainly won't be easy. The Wolverines were in the preseason top 15 according to the AP poll. O'Korn is filling in for Wilton Speight, who has "some cracks in his vertebrae", and the coach insisted the injury may not end his season.

The Spartans' 14-10 win over No. 7 Michigan was close throughout-the game's largest lead was the 11-point margin Michigan State held for much of the second quarter-and between the rivalry and the weather, the entire second half seemed destined for a wild finish. MI also likely isn't going away, especially with matchups against the top three teams still on the schedule. Florida State has one of those, too, and they are 1-3. Louisville has Heisman quarterback Lamar Jackson at the helm, but has continued to struggle defensively to support its offense.

Like Michigan two years ago, Michigan State was tasked with running out the clock late with a lead. Utah has its work cut out for the team if it wants to close the gap between it and USC, which leads the division. The next season, Penn State lost at home, 28-16.

Though this season's MI team again has a dominant defense, the offense has struggled.

While not a crippling loss in terms of making the CFB playoffs, it does dim their hopes quite a bit.

Alabama received 57 first-place votes to remain No. 1 in the Week 7 Coaches Poll, while Clemson drew eight first-place votes to remain at No. 2 this week.

A large part of Ohio State's massive 62-14 victory over Maryland was the Buckeyes' standout offensive line.

He later orchestrated a nine-play march that ended with a well-designed screen play to running back Madre London for the Spartans' second score of the game.

Michigan's results this season are worrisome for their fans. They're the team on the upswing again.