WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/8/17): Five Thoughts On The Show

  • WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/8/17): Five Thoughts On The Show

WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/8/17): Five Thoughts On The Show

Ever since Hell in a Cell became its own PPV event - in the same vein as the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series, and to a smaller extent, Money in the Bank and the like - its biggest problem had always been the company forcing the match on stories that nearly never deserved the carnage inside the devil's playground. Hopefully, when they got backstage, they let out a huge "follow that!" However, it didn't take long for Gable and Benjamin shift the momentum in their favor.

Results: The Hype Bros were able to start getting momentum, but their team-up skills fell apart and Ryder ate Paydirt from Shelton.

-Bobby Roode beat Dolph Ziggler, but it wasn't quite as clean as some would have thought.

Not to digress, but I could see some potential down the road, in having Dolph and Bobby forming a tag team, as both are colorful, charismatic and more than versatile enough to work as either faces or heels. At the end of the match, Ziggler tried to roll up Roode while grabbing the tights. Nakamura defeated Randy Orton to earn another shot at the WWE Title and all that has happened since is that Mahal has been trying to make fun of the King of Strong Style.

# Randy Orton defeated Rusev via pinfall.

The tag team Championship brawl between The New Day vs.

Really great stuff here, and it'll be interesting to see where we go with the tag division now. For the sake of the argument though, another Smackdown Live event has come and gone, and another New Day vs. Usos match stole the show. "This is going to be one that is very exciting", Triple H teased. OK, don't say I didn't warn you. Jinder will move on to a new challenger now and Shinsuke will find something else to do. Looking at the options for who he could feud with afterward, AJ is the only person who makes sense.

Well it's that spoooooky time of year again, where the WWE universe is graced with the unforgiving, demonic structure known as Hell in a Cell. They started fighting, until the former United States Champion was thrown off and crashed through an announce table.

Also at Hell in a Cell, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal defended his title for a second time against Shinsuke Nakamura in a match that was made more fair by the removal of Mahal's henchmen The Singh Brothers by the referee.

Looking forward to this.

It was another unspectacular title defense by Jinder. Especially after WWE basically announced that he'd be the champion when they go to India in December. Charlotte will get a rematch, and it might only be a matter of time before she's the SmackDown Women's Champion. Wouldn't have added much.

WWE officials are hoping a major title win at WWE Hell in a Cell can help cement Charlotte Flair as the top female babyface for the brand.

This program has seemingly been created to make Owens an even bigger threat on SD Live, so I have a hard time believing they'll give the win to Shane.

Results: After one hell of a insane Hell in a Cell match brimming with innovation, the Usos handcuffed Xavier Woods and focused on Big E. They did a double splash off the top, but Xavier broke up the pin.

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