A silent 10-minute song is storming the iTunes charts – why?

Unexpectedly, a bizarre song has become a hit on iTunes. It is now higher than Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

Samir Mezrahi’s 10-minute, completely silent track ‘A Very Good Song’ has been a huge success. It is currently at number 30 on the US Download Charts. This is due to its ability fix a common annoyance in Apple’s music player.

Apple users will notice that iTunes automatically plays the first song in your iTunes library if they plug their iPhones into car sound systems.

Many iPhone owners are all too familiar with the irritating sound of Ed Sheeran’s A Team playing whenever they turn on their stereos. Some even claim that the quirk has made it impossible to listen to the songs.

This will eliminate the annoying feature by downloading the PS0.79 song. It’s obvious from the track’s name that Mezrahi has chosen to title it to make sure it’s the first track in your library. Also, the track’s 10-minute length will allow users to pick their music rather than rushing to turn off repetitively-heard tracks.

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