Liberals table bills to legalize pot, clamp down on impaired driving

The Liberal government has introduced legislation to repeal the prohibition on pot. This is a fulfillment of a key promise made in the 2015 campaign.

Two new bills are included in the pot plan: one that regulates recreational marijuana use, sale, and cultivation, and another that strengthens laws to prevent impaired driving.

The law allows people to possess up 30 grams of fresh or dried cannabis. It also sets the minimum age at 18 years, although some provinces and territories may set higher legal ages.

Consumers have the option to grow up to four plants at their home, or purchase from a licensed retailer. First, fresh and dried cannabis oil and marijuana oil will be available. Edible products will follow.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has stated repeatedly that legalization’s goal is to limit access to marijuana for minors and to stop organized crime from profiting.

Trudeau’s point man for the marijuana file was Bill Blair. He stated that there is no plan to encourage the use of marijuana and stressed that the serious crime of selling, buying or using marijuana without the regulatory system will continue to be a serious offense with severe penalties.

Framework for public health

According to him, Canada had extensive consultations with other countries that have legalized marijuana (including Washington and Colorado) in order to find out what worked and what didn’t. Canada’s approach to marijuana legalization is different because it is based more on a public health framework than a commercial one.

Blair stated that the bill was entirely focused on reducing the health and social harms of cannabis production, distribution, and consumption. Blair spoke at a news conference following the presentation of the bills. This allows us to avoid many of these pitfalls, which other jurisdictions have faced when they were mainly focused on maximising revenue.

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