The Top 15 Lightweight Golf Bags for 2022

A lightweight golf bag (also known as a “Sunday bag”) is designed to be easy to carry, hold between 6-10 clubs, and have enough storage for your golf basics. For serious golfers, a lightweight bag might be their secondary bag, but could be the only bag a casual player owns. The idea behind a lightweight golf bag: keep the game simple – don’t burden yourself with extra gear you don’t need to enjoy playing golf.

When would you use a lightweight golf bag? A quick trip to the driving range. Have you tried one of the new, high-tech driving range options (Top Golf or Drive Shack)? They’re better if you bring your own clubs, but it can be awkward bringing your entire set. A lightweight golf bag is perfect for this situation. Heading out to play a par 3 course? Throw your wedges and putter in a lightweight golf bag and enjoy the afternoon.

The vast majority of golfers will shoot the same score using 6-8 clubs as they do with 14. You may quickly realize a lightweight golf bag is all you need. Walk the course, get some exercise, and save your back from that heavy bag.

Key Features of Lightweight Golf Bags

Sold. You love the idea of a lightweight golf bag, but there are endless options on the market. How do you find the best lightweight golf bag for your game? A quick google search and you will find various styles, shapes, and brands, but which features really matter? Key features to consider:

  • Weight – you want to make sure your lightweight golf bag is actually light.
  • # of Clubs – how many clubs can the bag comfortably hold? You will see everything from 5 to all 14, but we would argue if you are carrying all 14 clubs you have sort of missed the point of a lightweight golf bag.
  • Storage – less is more, but you do want enough storage to carry your golf essentials
  • Appearance – we all want to look good carrying our lightweight golf bag to the range or down the fairway.
  • Price – depending on your budget, price is a factor for all golf investments.

With these key features in mind, we have searched for the best lightweight golf bag and come up with our top 15 list for 2021.

Top 15 Lightweight Golf Bags

1. The LOMA Series by Sunday Golf

The LOMA is a traditional lightweight golf bag, designed to carry 6-8 clubs and all of your other essentials. It has a stand, a padded strap, and a handle for easy transport around the course or the driving range.

This bag includes several storage options, including a pocket for your valuables (wallet, keys, etc.) and an insulated area to keep a couple of your favorite beverages cold. Since we are talking about lightweight bags, it is important to highlight this is the lightest option on our list.

 The LOMA is offered in 3 different colors (Heather Gray, Cobalt Blue, or Matte Black) and has a stylish appearance. It is made from high-quality materials to perform well for years. When you consider the combination of features and price, this is the swiss army knife of lightweight golf bags. We would argue the best lightweight golf bag you will find.

2. Titleist Carry Golf Bag

The Titleist Carry golf bag is a simple, but effective design. A traditional Sunday golf bag, it comfortably holds 6-8 clubs and has a few generic pockets for storage. It does come with a double shoulder strap and is one of the lighter options on our list.

This lightweight golf bag has a nice and simple appearance and you can choose from black/red, heathered navy, heathered charcoal, or heathered green.

This is a high quality product, but the price point is a little above average for this type of bag. It does not come with a stand, so the bag and your clubs will have to lay on the ground.

3. Orlimar Pitch & Putt Lightweight Carry/Stand Bag

The first thing you will notice about the Orlimar Pitch & Putt is the price – this is the cheapest bag to make our list. Of course, there are some trade offs if you decide to select this product. There is only one small storage pocket for supplies and this bag can only hold 5-6 clubs. While it comes with a small strap, it really isn’t built to be carried over the shoulder and you will have to leverage the handle instead.

There are some positives. The bag is very light and is offered in several different colors (black, blue, midnight blue, pink, orange).

4. SHAPLAND Sunday Bag

The Sunday golf bag by Shapland is an awesome option if price is not a factor. It costs 2-5 times more than other products on our list, but you do get a high quality lightweight golf bag.

This bag is made of UV resistant and water resistant canvas typically leveraged in the marine industry and leather trim.. You have the option of single or double shoulder straps and can comfortably fit 10-12 clubs. Plenty of storage, including a water bottle sleeve and an umbrella holder. This is a premium product.

5. PING Moonlite

The PING Moonlite is a somewhat unique offering in the Sunday bag category. It is a lightweight golf bag, but it is designed to hold all 14 clubs, so it is the largest bag to make our list and the most expensive.

The Moonlite has plenty of storage for all of your golf essentials, including a pocket specifically designed to hold your water bottle and one for your rangefinder. It is a great looking bag that comes in several colors, including a “tropic” option if you are looking for a fun, hawaiian look. 

The other unique feature is the strap. This strap stays in a ready position to prevent you from having to bend down to lift the bag and move on to the next shot. An interesting idea, but the bag does not have a stand, so your clubs will be on the ground between shots.

6. C8-II Golf Practice Range/Sunday/Stand/Pencil/Carry Bag

The C8-II lightweight golf bag is an economical option that has the typical “pencil” shape you often find in this category. It has a stand and several pockets for storage, including a mesh pocket on the side of the bag.

A unique feature of the C8-II is the club cover on top of the bag cannot be removed – great for protecting your clubs, but does make it a bit more challenging to access them. The C8-II is heavier than most of the bags on our list.

7. TOURBON Vintage Golf Club Carry Bag

The first thing you will notice about the TOURBON lightweight golf bag is the material. It is constructed with canvas and leather, making it a cool looking product, but maybe not as functional as other options.

It has one small storage pocket for your balls and tees and does come with a cover as well. The TOURBON does weigh a little more than others on our list and has an average price point. It can hold 6-8 clubs, has a shoulder strap, but no stand.

8. Ram Golf Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Carry Bag

The Ram Golf Pitch and Putt bag is an economically priced option, with less features than other bags. It has one storage pocket and some cord on the top that can be used to carry a water bottle. It is very light and comes with a stand.

It is a bit on the smaller side and comfortably holds 4-5 clubs. The Ram Pitch and Putt has a simple appearance, comes with a single shoulder strap, but works the best if you simply carry it by the handle.

9. Par3 Sunday Golf Bag

The Sunday Golf bag by Par3 is lightweight (under 2 lbs) has a stand and is designed to carry 6 clubs. It has limited storage, but does include a valuables pouch for your keys and/or wallet. Your only color option is all black and it comes with a detachable single-shoulder strap.

It is very reasonably priced, but might be lower quality than others on our list. If you prefer, you can carry by the handle instead of using the shoulder strap.

10. Mizuno BR-D2

The Mizuno BR-D2 is slightly larger than most traditional Sunday golf bags – you could probably squeeze all 14 clubs in it, but more realistically, it holds 10-12. Due to the size, it does have plenty of storage including a mesh drink pouch, valuables pocket, and full length apparel pocket. The BR-D2 is on the expensive side.

It comes with a double-shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. It has a unique stand. Mizuno calls it a “mini-stand” and it is about half as high as what you normally see on a stand bag. Your clubs are off the ground, but lower than other standing options.

11. RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag

The Typhoon Mini is a nice option if you are looking for a lightweight golf bag that is on the larger side for a discount price. It can comfortably hold 10-12 clubs, but does weigh more than most bags in this category.

It has 4 storage pockets of various sizes, a clip for your towel, and tee holders. You can choose from black, royal/black, red/black, or grey/black. There is nothing wrong with how this bag looks, but it is less stylish than others in our top 15.

The Typhoon Mini comes with a dual harness and is a stand bag.

12. Palm Springs Sunday Bag

The lightweight golf bag offered by Palm Springs Golf is a stand bag that can handle up to 10 clubs. This product offers you plenty of storage with 4 pockets, a drink holder, and a valuables area. It does weigh more than most bags we have highlighted.

This bag comes with a double-shoulder strap and a matching rain hood for when you get caught out in a shower. It also has a place to attach an umbrella.

13. Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag

Similar to the PING Moonlight and the Mizuno BR-D2, the Cobra Sunday Bag is large enough to squeeze all 14 clubs, but it is probably better used for 10-12. It is a professional looking bag with a double shoulder strap and full-size stand. You can select black, blue, or grey.

This bag has more storage than most lightweight golf bags. It has an oversized apparel pocket, fleece lined valuables pocket, mesh beverage pocket and a ball pocket.

This is a high-quality option, but is more expensive and heavier than others in our top 15.

14. CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag

The Ranger by CaddyDaddy is an inexpensive lightweight golf bag designed to hold 6-8 clubs. It offers 3 small pockets for storage and a towel ring. A very basic looking bag, you can select black/blue or black/silver.

The Ranger comes with a single shoulder strap, but no stand. It is a single tube, so no dividers to help you organize your clubs. There is padding built into the bag, in case you leverage this to travel with a few of your clubs.

15. Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

The Champkey product is very light and very small, definitely the “pencil” style bag. It includes a stand and a strap, but the strap is quite small – most players will end up just carrying this bag by the handle.

This bag has 5 pockets for storage, but each one is small. You can carry the essentials, but nothing more. You will be able to fit 4-5 clubs in this bag and you can find it in several different colors. The stand is well designed and sturdy and this is one of the lower priced products on our list.

Final Thoughts

Simplify your golf game by playing with a lightweight golf bag. Reduce the number of clubs you carry and get exercise by walking the course. You can’t stress about choosing between your 7-iron and your 8-iron if you only have one of them in your bag.

If you are looking for the best lightweight golf bag (aka Sunday golf bag), keep a few things in mind:

  1. Make sure it is actually lightweight – under 2lbs sounds good
  2. Make sure you have enough storage to carry the things you care about (balls, tees, beverages, phone, keys, etc.)
  3. How many clubs do you really need to play? We suspect you can have a great time with 6-8

Enjoy your afternoon. Make some birdies. Share some laughs. Swap stories in the 19th hole.

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