Trump Pushes Air Traffic Control Privatization

WASHINGTON — Trump will advocate for privatization of the country’s air traffic control system. This ambitious overhaul, he stated, would allow for more modernized and better travel in the world’s most complicated airspace.

Trump declared, “It’s time,” before signing a letter detailing the plan. He also stated that it would be the beginning of an “air travel revolution.”

“Today, we’re proposing American air travel into future — finally, ultimately,” he stated, flanked with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

As the summer travel season begins, his comments are timely. Air traffic control controls 70,000 takeoffs/landings per day for more than 2 million passengers.

Experts in aviation warn of concerns over the possibility of radically changing air traffic control and privatizing one of the most secure systems of its kind.

The nation’s air traffic controller system is under strain and at its lowest point in 28 years. The controllers are required to work overtime for six days a week and use decades-old radar technology that other countries have abandoned.

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